"Music is the art of waking up a sleeping score and communicating it to an audience."



Marios Panteliadis’ repertoire ranges from baroque to contemporary music, including major composers from 18th till 20th century as well as remarkable compositions of our days. Particularly, major Greek composers are often included in his solo recital programmes.

Solo proposals for 2022/2023

Piano concertos/concerto pieces for piano and orchestra:

W.A. Mozart

“Kammerkonzert” K.V. 413 in F major

Concerto K.V. 488 in A major

Concerto K.V. 595 in B-flat major

E. Grieg

Concerto Op.16 in A minor

L. v. Beethoven

Concerto No.1, Op.15 in C major

Concerto No.3 Op.37 in C minor

F. Chopin

Concerto No.1 Op.11 in E minor

Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise brillante Op. 22

P. I. Tchaikovsky

Concerto No.1 Op.23 in B-flat minor

J. Brahms

Concerto No.1, Op.15

S. Rachmaninov

Rhapsody on a theme by Paganini Op.43

M. Ravel

Concerto in G for piano and orchestra

F. Schubert

Adagio und rondo for piano and string orchestra (originally for string quartet)